Your clients rely on you as a trusted advisor, and they turn to you for a range of financial services. But running your clients' payrolls can be a time-consuming task that crowds out the real value you provide. And quarterly federal and state filings can be an unnecessary headache.

So we have created an entire line of products to help you help your clients by managing all aspects of payroll and providing the necessary communication and collaboration.


Accountant Services

Processing Options

Channel Partner and Private Label Programs allows us to be your backoffice payroll department.

GL Services

We can customize the GL to match your exact needs and provide you several formats of reports or exports to help maintain your clients' general ledger.

Accountant Access

Whether or not your clients process their payroll online, you can access all your clients data via our online payroll system.

Paperless Report Delivery

If you want to receive copies of payroll reports for your clients each payroll but have trouble tracking your clients down to provide them to you; let us email them to you with our Paperless Report Delivery service.

Report on CD

Let us provide you all your clients payroll reports on a single, easy to access CD-ROM.

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